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We all live in an invisible sea of electromagnetic activity, from both natural and man-made sources. The earth's magnetic field, lightning and emissions from outer space are natural sources. Telephone, radio communications, radar and all types of electrical equipment are examples of man made sources.

All electronics produced today must be electromagnetically compatible with this environment and need to be tested for their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). This testing is normally done in a RF/Anechoic Chamber.


Panashield was founded in 1989, established by a team of knowledgeable, very experienced personnel in the RF and RF/Anechoic industry, with previous experience going back to 1967. Panashield has grown rapidly in both the United States and international markets.  Panashield has a 25- year reputation as a high quality, turnkey facility supplier. 

Braden Shielding Systems, LLC acquired Panashield, Inc. and formed a new company Panashield LLC A Braden Shielding Systems Company.  Braden Shielding Systems, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility,  is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and installation of RF shielding and Magnetic shielding, and  has provided thousands of RF shielded enclosures and RF/Anechoic chambers to the commercial, medical, and military markets for over 28 years. 

Panashield has provided EMC facilities servicing commercial and government clients for 24 years, including chambers for radiated emissions and immunity testing, wireless, antenna measurement, automotive, military and aerospace. This includes turnkey facilities, upgrades to existing chambers, and relocation services.

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Panashield's products and services provide RF free environments for testing electronic equipment to insure compliance with international standards for RF emissions and immunity levels. Our facilities allow engineers to develop products and systems that will function correctly in the electromagnetically rich world at large, assuring safety and compatibility.


Panashield services customers in both commercial and government markets internationally in the area of Radio Frequency (RF) Shielded Enclosures and Anechoic Test Chambers. These services range from upgrades of existing facilities to full turnkey installation projects of new facilities. Panashield provides Facility Solutions to meet Global RF/EMC standards for Immunity and Emissions testing of electronic products; Free Space Simulation for Antenna and RCS measurements; Industrial and Medical RFI protection; TEMPEST Security; and HEMP protection.

The success and growth of the company lies in the unrivalled experience of its management and employees, and their commitment to quality.  The combination of knowledge and excellence have led to success clearly demonstrated by the number of prestigious companies who have selected Panashield’s products and services.

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Panashield is committed to providing its clients with expertise reflecting current developments and specifications in the global electromagnetic compliance industry. This commitment includes responsiveness to our client’s needs with the highest quality products and services available in the industry.

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