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Diamond Engineering
Automated Antenna
Measurement Systems

Panashield is offering the various Diamond Engineering measurement systems in new chamber designs and also into existing installations.  The Diamond Engineering platforms are low cost alternatives to existing suppliers, but provide more features and flexibility.  There are three positioners capable of small handheld devices up to 250 pound AUTs.  The platforms are simple to set up and also can be moved outside for quick measurements without path length constraints in an existing chamber.  A wide range of instruments is supported.  Diamond Engineering and Panashield can provide complete packages.

The antenna measurement software can thoroughly characterize any antenna using a wide variety of processing and display features, including:

  • Advanced spherical 3D plots and beam width contours
  • RCS calculations
  • USB connectivity
  • One-touch antenna profiling
  • Reference antenna import feature and S1P import feature
  • Data export function.  Excel & S1P
  • Measure over frequency
  • Calibration features
  • Fully configurable positioner settings
  • Extensive plotting features
  • Dataset manipulation
  • Exclusive Data set calculator
  • Link simulator with measured data
  • Antenna Spec & Compliance calculator

A newly available option is a full-featured two-port simulator with wave analysis.  It is fully customizable with drag and drop elements to enable users to create diversified simulations.

For additional information please see the Diamond Engineering web site: www.DiamondEng.net.  Or contact your local Panashield representative.

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