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RF Shielded Enclosures

Panashield offers three main types of RF shielding system:

Panabolt Modular RF Shielding System

The modular panel RF shielding construction technique is the most widely used shielding system worldwide. This design has been successfully installed in thousands of locations around the world. The system's modular design is extremely versatile and is available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes and configurations, typically between 2.4x2.4x2.4 m and 35x20x15 m.

The Panabolt modular panel RF shielding system (pictured above) offers a number of important advantages:

The modular panel construction can be dismantled, relocated to another area and re-erected or changed in size and configuration. Unlike some other modular systems the panels and framing sections can be cut to special dimensions at the installation site.

The solid, rigid panel construction is suitable for the direct attachment of services and other materials such as ferrite and RF pyramidal absorbers (also known as radar absorber material - RAM), electrical distribution and lighting without the need for substantial additional linings etc.

The Panabolt system includes a high quality, heavy duty, durable, recessed contact mechanism (RCM) door, which is a major component of a shielded room. The RF contacts are concealed to avoid damage and  can be removed and replaced if necessary without the need for special tools or soldering.

The modular panel construction consists of galvanised steel sheets laminated to 19mm thick solid core material. Panels are mechanically joined together with 3 mm thick framing members which are roll formed into shapes that provide uniform clamping pressure along panel edges without the use of weld nut, serrations or gaskets.

Fasteners are 6 mm self-threading, hardened steel, TORX screws placed on approximately 100 mm centres. Floor and ceiling corner intersections are finished with bronze corner caps.

The RF shielded room is constructed on an underlayment consisting of a polyethylene vapour barrier and 3 mm thick dielectric hardboard.

Structural steel support is designed and installed according to the room size, additional loads and local seismic conditions. (if any).


When tested in accordance with any of the following standards: IEEE-299, MIL STD 285, EN50147 part 1 and NSA 65-6, the Panabolt shielding system will provide or exceed the following levels of shielding effectiveness.

Frequency  Field  Attenuation
10 kHz  Magnetic  56 dB
14 kHz  Magnetic  60 dB
200 kHz to 1 MHz  Magnetic  100 dB
14 kHz to 400 MHz  Electric  100 dB
400 MHz to 1 GHz   Plane Wave  100 dB
1 GHz to 10 GHz  Plane Wave 100 dB
10 GHz to 18 GHz Microwave 100 dB
18 GHz to 40 GHz Microwave 100 dB

Panaweld Welded Steel RF Shielding

An alternative method of construction for certain specific applications is the welded steel RF shielding system. Panaweld RF Shielded Rooms are constructed from 2 mm thick (thicker for special applications and high magnetic shielding effectiveness) hot rolled steel sheet on the walls and ceiling and 6 mm thick hot rolled plate for floors. According to requirements the floor may be dielectrically isolated with a polyethylene material and 12 mm thick cement board, or similar material.

The walls and ceiling of a welded room are supported using structural steel sections suitably designed for the local seismic conditions (where applicable) and to accept any additional loads such as lighting, ferrite or pyramidal absorbers.

Intermediate steel sections are also installed to ensure that that there is a suitable back up at each continuously welded joint. To attain maximum flatness the grid pattern for these structural sections is less than 1.2 x1.2 m.

The steel sheets/plates are first stitch welded and finally continuously welded using the MIG welding process to minimise distortion.  All joints are inspected using a shielding Effectiveness Leak Detection System (SELDS) unit. Any faulty weld areas are reworked as necessary.

Panabolt Modular RF Shielding System
Panabolt Modular RF Shielding System Panaweld Welded Steel RF Shielding Panaweld Welded Steel RF ShieldingPanaweld Welded Steel RF Shielding

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